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“We can still stop the project”, Elisenda Belda, Local Coordinator of the Alianza Mar Blava.

Elisenda Belda, coordinador of Alianza Mar Blava, with two volunteersAlianza Mar Blava, the organization against exploitation and extraction of hydrocarbons off the coast of Ibiza and Formentera, still fighting against the Cairn Energy projects in the Gulf of Valencia and Spectrum Geo Limited in the Balearic Sea which seriously threaten natural areas, area fishing and tourism industry in the islands.

In the last week, the Environmental Impact Statement (positive) to draft exploratory wells oil by the company Repsol in Canary has alarmed the organization, because it is a similar project that would be developed in the Mediterranean coasts and accept the perforation in geological formations to check if there are oil or gas in them. This first phase carries many risks, as was evinced by the Deepwater Horizon BP that spilled millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico causing an oil slick that took several months to be controlled.

This decision has raised concerns in the organization because the claim period for the project is still pending. “He’s due for release in October. The other day we were at the Ministry. These things are very slow, “says Elisenda Belda, Local Coordinator Allianza Mar Blava would not rule out recourse if declared positive “We should be ready to prepare an administrative appeal for injunctive shutdown, especially, we want to warn people of the terrible consequences that can lead. We can still stop the project”.

Mar Blava born a year ago and although does not have a physical office, has 75 volunteers working from home altruistically. In addition, coordinators say they feel supported by the authorities: “The Government of the island and all agencies are against the project. In recent weeks saw Congress as there were four members of the PP discipline skipped voting”. A fact that the Alliance assessed as very positive “The ministry has said the report will be technical and it will respect what the technicians say, hopefully be negative”.

Many associations and companies on the island have also shown their rejection of the exploitation. For example, the charity concert organized by Channel Zoo at Gala Night which donated funds were for Mar Blava “With this money will pay for lawyers but, if we have to go against an contentious administrative, it will be more expensive. We are preparing a complaint to the European Union to introduce soon”, she reported.

By the time the authorities have already approved a contribution to the alliance. So far, the company worked with money provided by the IPF (Ibiza Preservation Fund) and other public and private entities. This is the first time he has managed to unite Government, associations, clubs of the island and citizens, an historical fact waiting not be in vain.

Last Events:
The Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior was in Ibiza and Mallorca from 11 to 13 June to show their opposition to oil exploration near the Balearic society.

The project by the alliance:
The Scottish oil company Cairn Energy, through its Spanish affiliated Capricorn Spain, wants to look for oil and gas on the Gulf of Valencia on a submarine area equivalent to about six times the size of Ibiza and Formentera together and located between the coast of Valencia (at a distance of 5 to 10 kilometers) and west of the coast of the island of Ibiza (between 35 and 40 miles).
This plan is part of a set of similar projects along the Spanish coast, from the Gulf of Lyon to the Canary Islands, to the Ebro Delta and the Alboran Sea. This proliferation of exploration activities extending throughout the Mediterranean, a sea closely interconnected, may result catastrophic for the environment.
Under licenses issued by the Council of Ministers, Cairn Energy has reserved areas of the Gulf of Valencia to look for gas and oil but in order to start the exploration the company also requires environmental permits from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment for each phase, which they have not been granted yet.

To contact Allianza Mar Blava: info@alianzamarblava.org


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