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Aly & Fila, one of the nominees at Trance category of the DJ Awards 2014

Aly & FilaAly & Fila is an Egyptian duo of deejays and producers of trance music, composed by Amr Fathalah Aly (Aly) and Fadi Wassef Naguib (Fila). They are friends since childhood, but it was not until after falling in love with the Paul van Dyk’s music in 1999 when they decided to start their own productions. They are one of the nominees in the category Trance at the XVII edition of the DJ Awards to be held on Monday September at Pacha nightclub.

Welcome to the DJ Awards… You have been nominated in the Trance Category. This nomination is to celebrate your achievements. What do this and other DJ polls mean to you?
The DJ Awards is one of the most prestigious DJ Polls of the year, we are very proud to have been Nominated in the Trance Category amongst such great names.

We have introduced 2 new categories: Electronica and Breakthrough. Which Electronica & Breakthrough artists are you more excited about?
It’s a difficult one as they are all distinguished in their own field of music.

It’s festival time across the globe now, tell us which are your favourite festivals you’ve played at so far and why? And which are still on your to-do-list and why?
Wow, difficult one! SW4 was really amazing in London. We have Beyond Wonderland Festival and Tomorrow World festival still to come this month.

Which are the countries you have been touring the most during the last 12 months?

What 3 tracks in your play list never fail to get the dance floors crazy across the world, and why you think they have such an effect?
Aly & Fila with Sky Patrol feat Sue McLaren – Running, Neptune Project – Lost all My Tears, and Standerwick – Valerian.

In 2014, is there any new equipment, or software that you´ve discovered that now are must-haves for your DJ sets? And why would you recommend them to fellow DJs and producers?
No to be honest, we use what we have for last few years.

Tell us about any new productions you´re working on, and which producers you’d like to collaborate with in the future and why?
We release our new artist album “The Other Shore” in a few weeks and we are starting to bring ideas together for some productions for 2015. We’ll have several singles released before the end of 2014. Madonna would be cool to work with!

If you had a week off in Ibiza, which parties would you definitely not miss?
Carl Cox @ Space, Cream @ Amnesia, Full On @ Space, Sunk @ Privilege , there are several more.

We wish you the best luck. How will you celebrate if you win?
Thank you, we would celebrate with our management, friends and family.

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