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Danny Avila: “The music isn’t much different now. It is very important the character and how to mix in the DJ booth”

Danny Avila DJHe began sneaking out by the back door of the Marbella clubs to see their idols when he was a minor, and now he rubs shoulders with them in the DJ booths of the most important nightclubs and festivals of electronic music around the world. Since their first appearances at Spanish clubs, the progression of this young boy from Madrid, only 19 years old, has been unstoppable earning the respect of the veterans as Tiësto and Fedde le Grand. He was hired by MGM at Las Vegas in 2013 becoming the youngest resident in the history of their club Hakkasan and performing with the likes of Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, DeadMau5, Tommy Trash and Calvin Harris. He debuted on the stage of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami with only 17 years old, an experience repeated this year.

Danny Avila, the youth revolution of electronic music wastes energy with their music and their performance in each session. That’s why he has become essential at the Ibicencan summer with magnificent shows at Gatecrasher and Privilege, where he finished his season in Ibiza at the party Neon Splash, last Monday, September 8th.

You’re really young but you have already shared the stage with the most important deejays of the current scene. What age did you start DJing and how were those beginnings?
I started playing the piano at age 7 and then the guitar. Every time I walked past a restaurant or a shop where there was a deejay, it always caught my attention. I couldn’t go to clubs but I was always interested in DJing and mixing music. When I was 12 or 13 years, I bought a very simple table and I started mixing hip hop, tech house and other types of music. I started mixing in my room and a year and a half later I had the opportunity to see one of my favorite djs, Fedde Le Grand, and then I realized how far I could go with the music and how many people could you move. This motivated me a lot! So I started working and after 4 or 5 years are here.

You debuted at the Ultra Music Festival Miami at 17 years old, and you have repeated this year. How does it feel to participate in one of the most important festivals of electronic music over the world?
The first time I was 17 and this year was better. Last year I played very soon and this one it was at 19pm in one of the best stages and it was amazing. I think even today is one of my best experiences, not only in acting but because they were broadcasting live and 200 thousand people saw it. I was trending worldwide topping for an hour and a half. I had my phone blocked with calls and messages!

Is it easy to carry the fame being so young? Do you have to deprive yourself of many things?
For me it’s not about being more or less famous but reach more people with my music. Now I’m DJing at many venues in the USA and Asia where I see posters with my name, people go there to see me and it’s an amazing feeling.

In addition, you share residence in the club Hakkasan of Las Vegas with one of the most historic deejays in electronics, Tiësto. What have you learned from this great artist?
This is similar to the story with Fedde Le Grand. I have been working in Marbella before but I couldn’t go inside the clubs because of my age. What I did was make my own afternoon party as a promoter. So I started knowing the securities and illegally they let me going in by the back door, by the lights, so no one saw me. Then I could see Fedde Le Grand, Tiësto and Roger Sanchez. It was three months of 2009 in which all my friends were going out and enjoyed the holiday but I was there every night to learn and practice during the day in my room with my mixer. My brother told me I was crazy because I had no social life, but somehow I thought I wanted to show in a few years all that work. And after 2 or 3 years I started playing at Blue Marlin Ibiza.

Can you tell us a funny story that happened to you playing?
I remember I was acting at Pacha New York and suddenly two girls climbed into the DJ booth, one of them fell over the table, and pulled out the cable connection. The music stopped completely and the music was off more than 10 minutes until we discovered what it was… [laughs]

How do you define your style?
The music isn’t much different now. It is very important the character and how to mix in the booth. I think mine is very energetic, for example, I don’t keep a song eight minutes. I like to change songs, interact with the public, jump on stage. People don’t want to see a circus, but I want to be entertained while listening my music.

Would your family like the music you make?
My mother not really at first, but my father did.

Do they usually go with you to the shows?
If I’m in Madrid sometimes yes, but no, they don’t usually come.

This summer you played at Gatecrasher and Privilege. How different is the crowd here compared to other countries or cities where you have been working?
The crowd of Ibiza is very different. It depends on the party, the club, if it’s early September or August. I don’t usually play depending on the people. I try to show my style and I hope they like it. Ibiza is always evolving!

Will we see you next summer in Ibiza? Any permanent residence coming up?
No idea. I don’t know, I can’t say… [laughs].

Tell me about your plans for this winter…
I just put in free download a remix I’ve done, Burn by Ellie Goulding, in which I’ve been working six months. As It is one of my favorite songs, I didn’t want to put it on sale so I have drawn freely on my Soundcloud page to anyone who wants to listen it.

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