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Sven Vath

The German techno DJ Sven Vath is one of the biggest names of Ibiza’s night scene and has a great recognition worldwide. He started playing trance, but has evolved to techno and now is one of the most recognized in this genre.

Sven has turned Cocoon into a symbol of Amnesia and in 2014 it was his 15th year in charge of one of the most popular parties of the island. In this new season in 2015 he’ll be joined by Ricardo Villalobos and Adam Beyer. Cocoon has been a way to launch many of today’s biggest starts of the genre, like Richie Hawtin or Luciano.

Papa Sven loves and lives for music, and this is what he transmits with his sessions, to his loyal fans that come to Amnesia just to enjoy his talent.

Sven Vath has been awarded as ‘Best Techno DJ’ (2002, 2003 & 2009) and Cocoon as ‘Best Party’ (2008) at the Ibiza DJ Awards, and nominated as ‘Best European DJ’ (2007) and ‘Best Techno DJ’ (2014) at the International Dance Music Awards.




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