FAQs – Buy Ibiza Club Tickets

Why should I buy my tickets at Muchoticket?
1.    Muchoticket is the leading ticketing company of Ibiza, operating with all the clubs and parties of the island. Muchoticket supplies over 30.000 clients worldwide with multiple category events related with Ibiza’s clubs, providing exclusive services in ticket sales for the main parties.
2.    Given our large sales volume, we can get the best conditions with our suppliers. We transmit these beneficial conditions to our customers, offering the best price on internet.
3.    Buying with us you’ll avoid the general queue and will enter through the gate for internet reservations. Our ticket also guarantees your entrance to the club as it’s a pre-sale and you have priority over those who haven’t bought it.

How to buy in Muchoticket?
Buying in our webpage is very simple:
1.    Choose the event you’d like to assist.
2.    Select the number of assistants and fill-in their information.
3.    Pay using a credit/debit card, paypal or bank transfer.
4.    You’ll receive your tickets by email. Print them and show them at the gate the day of the event.

Do you have a customer service department?
Of course! You can contact us the following ways:
1.    Telephone: (34) 971 80 66 60 . Our customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm and 4 to 6.30 pm. (GMT +1)
2.    E-Mail: ventas@muchoticket.com
3.    Twitter: twitter.com/muchoticket

I want to receive notifications of your events, offers and promotions. How do I do it?
Newsletter Register
Want to be informed with the next event at the best clubs, obtain exclusive ticket offers and take place in special contests?
Very easy! You only have to register in our newsletter!

Basic requirements
What documents do I take to the club?
A current identification card with photo (DNI, Driving License with Photo, Passport). Clubs accept photocopies of these documents.

What is the age limit for entry to the clubs?
You must be 18 years or older to enter any club.

I have problems buying my tickets
Help! I’m having problems buying tickets!
In case of any problem during the purchase process while buying your ticket, feel free to CONTACT US. We’ll be pleased to help you!

What happens if I lose my ticket?
No problem. In your inbox you can find your tickets in PDF format that you’ll be able to print out as many times as you want, but the only valid one will be the first shown at the club gates

Print the tickets
Muchoticket will send you an email with your tickets attatched in PDF, ready to print and enjoy your event! You won’t have to find any ATM cashpoint, nor wait for long queues to validate your ticket.
You simply print it out and show it at the gate of the event to access. It doesn’t matter if you print in colour or black & white. But be sure you have enough ink so the information on the ticket is understandable.

How do I pay?
We use a safe payment system platform that accepts VISA and Mastercard.

What happens i fan event is cancelled?
Don’t worry, if a promoter or a club cancel an event, we reimburse the full value of your ticket and we’d inform you about the cancellation by email.