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The ultimate guide to enjoy the Ibiza 2016 opening parties

There are just two type of people in the world: the ones who have been in Ibiza and the ones who would love to come!
If you are from the first group, all you need to know that this summer is going to be a very emotional with the closing of Space, a reason enough to come back to Ibiza. If you are from the second group, just pay attention to all the information below and book your tickets right after you reach the end of the post if you want to have the best weekend of your entire life.
Lately is trendy in Ibiza to make the party seasons longer with reopening parties or even some of the them goes on during the winter time. In any case, the official beginning of the summer is set by the traditional club openings. For this reason, from Muchoticket we have prepared the ultimate guide to make the most of the Ibiza 2016 opening parties.
The weekend marathon starts on Friday 27th of may with the Opening Party of Privilege, the biggest club in the world. The full Line-up has been announced including Danny Avila, Tujamo, Quentin Mosimann and B Jones. Also in this night, the singer Nalaya will offer the public her best live. From 4.30am, the room Vista Club will open its doors where the best techno will also have representation. Finally, the group MATE (djs and promoters from Ibiza) will bring the most underground sound to the brand new Vista Blue room.
Discover the World Guines Record club that host the most spectacular shows in Ibiza.
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Ibiza 2016 opening parties
Privilege Opening Party is expected to be on until 12.00am so you have two options: go to sleep and get some rest or drive straight to the Ushuaia Opening Party that starts at the same time. We suggest you take option 2 as you will have plenty of time for resting afterwards and believe us, you can’t miss Richie Hawtin behind the decks. Neither him or Andrea Oliva or Joris Voorn who will make this day an epic party.
Put your sunglasses on and let yourself go by Hawtin & co in a high voltage event.
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Ibiza Opening Parties 2016
To carry on with this insane weekend, right after Ushuaia close its door the Amnesia Opening party will begin. After many rumors in the past weeks regarding the opening date -they firstly announced the 28th and then the 14th- finally Amnesia confirms the Opening Party for May 28th.
The Line-up includes Apollonia, Amine Edge & Dance, Claptone, Cuartero, Disciples, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Hannah Wants, Ilario Alicante, Mar-T and Luca Donzelli, and also the Amnesia residents CaalLes Schmitz and Melanie Ribbe.
Amnesia is back to offer another unbelievable night, the first one of many more to come this summer.
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After an intense party on Friday and Saturday, on Sunday is the time for Space Ibiza whose opening party used to set the beginning of the season in Ibiza.
As you may know, in 2016 Space will close its doors for good after 27 years of big moments and beautiful memories. Although some people think that Space will be “reincarnated” in a different location, for now we invite you to enjoy the last episode and the first chapter will take place on Sunday 29th of may when Wally Lopez, Erik Morillo, David Moreno and so many others, will play the best music in a event to remember.
Be fast and get your tickets before they got sold out if you want to be witness of the beginning of the end.
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Ibiza 2016 opening parties
This is our guide for the opening party weekend although you already know, you can always stay longer or come back to Ibiza later on. In Ibiza you know when the party starts but never when it ends…if it ever does!
Check out Ibiza 2016 opening parties calendar here.
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