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Muchoticket Awards 2014

Muchoticket Awards 2014 closed its first edition with a full house in El Hotel Pacha on Friday, May 16th. The heads of Ushuaïa, Pacha and Space were the big winners of the night, climbing up on more than one occasion the stage to collect his prize. A funny plated phonograph which the company Muchoticket wanted to thank the work of these professionals that grow the music industry year after year in Ibiza. Among them were Yann Pissenem, Partner and Director of Ushuaïa and Founder and CEO of Ants; Marta Planells, Director of Pacha Franchise and Santiago Roselló, Space Manager, accompanied all of them for their full team.

Muchoticket night also brought together some of the best promoters of the moment and many of them came back home also with his trophy under his arm. They were: Zoo Project, Ibiza Rocks, Matinée, Cocoon, Solomun and Beautiful People Ibiza, the latter one of the most acclaimed by the public.

Among the list of nominees who took the stage also include the DJ Sebastian Gamboa; Anna Tur, Ibiza Global Radio Director, Andrea Novara, Coordinator of Flower Power; Dwayne Nolan, Digital Media Director; blogger and journalist, Dan Kirwan and manager of the local Zoo Bar, Raúl Madotti, among others.

The special prize of the night went to Cream, whose promoter Nick Ferguson also collected his statuette.
The awards ceremony was enlivened by the house deejay, Joan Ribas, and the voice of the gala was by the sympathetic presenter, Mawi Duran. After the awards were tasting canapés and the party continued at Pacha nightclub.


1. Best International Ibiza Image:

 This prize was for the company which project a better image of the island.
  • Pacha Franchise. The award was collected by: Marta Planells (Director of Pacha Franchise)
  • Blue Marlin Ibiza
  • Space Ibiza

Marta Planells Pacha2. Best Use of New Technologies:

This prize was for the company that best and most professional made ​​use of new technologies such as media, online networks or processes.

  • Digital Media. The award was collected by: Dwayne Nolan (Director).
  • Amnesia Ibiza
  • Ushuaïa Ibiza

Dwayne Nolan Digital3. Best Use of Social Networks:

The next award was for the most professional and customer-oriented platforms such as twitter, facebook, youtube or pinterest.

  • Ants. The award was collected by: Yann Pissenem (Founder and CEO de Ants)
  • Enter
  • Matinée Ibiza

Yann Pissenem Ushuaia (2)4. Best Ibiza blogger:

We dedicated this award to the best blogger and relayed the information about the Ibiza clubber.

  • essentialibiza.com
  • ibiza-spotlight.com
  • dannykayibiza.blogspot.com. The award was collected by: Dan Kirwan (Ibiza blogger and Journalist)

Dan Kirwan Blog5. Top Publication:

 Either on paper or online, this reward is for the best publication of the Island.
  • Dj Mag ES
  • Vicious Magazine. The award was collected by: Carlos Jurado (Representative Vicious en Ibiza)
  • Resident Advisor

Carlos Jurado Vicious Magazine6. Best Radio Ibiza:

We give this award to the station achieved a better position in its last season.

  • Ibiza Global Radio. The award was collected by: Anna Tur (Director)
  • Ibiza Sonica Radio
  • JFK Radio Ibiza

Anna Tur Global Radio7. Best Website:

 This reward is for the website or club promoter who brought together a better design, usability and information.
  • ushuaiaibiza.com. The award was collected again by: Yann Pissenem (Partner y Artistic Director)
  • oceanbeachibiza.com
  • privilegeibiza.com

8. Best Revelation Promoter:

The next award was for the developer who despite his short career had surprised us the most.

  • Solomun. The award was collected again by: Marta Planells (Director of Pacha Franchise)
  • Avicii
  • El Row

9. Best Trajectory Promoter:

This reward is for the brand which maintain the level of professionalism over the years.
  • Carl Cox
  • SuperMartXé Ibiza
  • Ibiza Rocks. The award was collected by: Alessandra Amiri (Live Events Sales and Promotions Manager)

Alessandra Amiri Ibiza Rocks10. Best Promoter night club outside the circuit club:

Not only the big clubs are the framework for the best parties in Ibiza. These are the promoters of this kind of parties that were nominated.

  • Zoo Project
  • Ibiza Rocks
  • Beautiful People. The award was collected by: Toni Garli (CEO)

Toni Garli Beautiful People11. Best Clubber Local:

We give this award to the local of Ibiza which has best target the product to the customer clubber we visit.

  • Zoo Bar. The award was collected by: Raul Madotti (Manager)
  • Mambo Ibiza
  • Bora Bora

Raul Madotti Zoo12. Best Advertising design (flyers/posters/billboards):

 This award was for the best design of billboards, flyers and posters.
  • FlowerPower
  • Kehakuma
  • Cocoon. The award was collected by: Ariel Giordano (Promoter)

Ariel Giordano Cocoon13. Best paradade:

This promotional tool has become a classic of the island, especially in the narrow streets of the port and the beach of Las Salinas. That is why we wanted to award a prize to the best.

  • Flower Power. The award was collected by: Andrea Novara (Manager Promotions of Made in Italy and Coordinator Promotions Flower Power)
  • Ants
  • Café Olé

Andrea Novara Flower Power14. Best Viral Campaign:

We gave this award for best media campaign using viral marketing as the main tool.

  • Matinée Ibiza. The award was collected by: Jordi Olmos (Director of Matinée Ibiza)
  • Enter
  • Ants

Jordi Olmos Matinee15. Best Campaign “Guerrilla Marketing”:

We gave this award for best media campaign using guerrilla marketing as the main tool.

  • Zoo Project. The award was collected by: Gigi Venditi (Manager Zoo Project) y Defex (DJ Zoo Project)
  • Enter
  • Ants

Gigi Defez Zoo Project16. Best Dynamics Promotion Team:

The location of posters and other promotional material is almost as important as its design or content. So we give this award.

  • Ushuaïa Ibiza. The award was collected again by: Yann Pissenem (Partner y Artistic Director)
  • Amnesia Ibiza
  • Privilege Ibiza

17. Best Merchandising Job:

We gave this award to the best design related merchandising clubber market.

  • Space Ibiza. The award was collected by: Santiago Roselló (Manager)
  • Pacha Ibiza
  • Ushuaïa Ibiza

Santiago Roselló Space18. Best Musical Compilation:

This award was directed to the compilation album most played during the previous season. For his music, design and marketing.

  • Café del Mar 2013
  • Las Tardes en Ibiza 2013. The award was collected by: Sebastián Gamboa (DJ)
  • Nassau Beach Club Ibiza 2013

Sebastian Gamboa DJ19. Best Management Vip Zone:

We wanted to reward the most professional of what has already become one of the star products of nightclubs and entertainment management of the island: the Vips areas.

  • Pacha Ibiza. The award was collected by: Rafa de Siria (Press Manager Pacha Ibiza)
  • Space Ibiza
  • Amnesia Ibiza

Rafa de Siria Pacha20. Special Award Muchoticket for Cream.

Muchoticket deliver this special award to the company that we had included in many of the categories above and we special mention.

The award was collected by: Nick Fergurson (Promoter of Cream Ibiza).


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