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Oscar Colorado: “In Ibiza are generated and tested many musical movements that are exported to the world later”

Oscar Colorado DJ TroyaHe has grown on an island with a frenetic musical activity and this has enabled him to be a benchmark in the booth of the best clubs in Ibiza from a very young age. Oscar Colorado is a deejay influenced since childhood by the best Balearic Sound. His sessions have an unmistakable house base and they are as eclectic as danceable with a suggestive touch through his sporadic instrumental sounds.

His first residency arrived in 1999 at the legendary club of Playa d’en Bossa, Space. After his debut, he has toured many cities, national and international, moving the crowd until the wee hours of the morning. This artist is resident at the provocative party La Troya every Wednesday during the last six seasons, first in Space and from 2010 in Amnesia. With the World Tour of La Troya he has traveled to Switzerland, Brussels and Amsterdam, as well as numerous Spanish and Italian cities.

He has played with relevant electronic deejays as Carl Cox, Steve Lawler, Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Danny Tenaglia, Erick Morillo and Boy George and he has been nominated several times for DJs Magazine as “Best dj resident Ibiza in 2003 and 2004.

You were born in Ibiza and you have grown professionally in the island. What do you think differentiates Ibiza deejays from the rest? Do you think that the local product should be supported more in the island than those international superstars who have a huge team of marketing and image behind them?
I’m from Ibiza and I have grown in this fabulous island that has allowed me to grow up also musically because I’ve been surrounded by the best music throughout my life. As a result, the Ibizan deejays have been able to see first each musical trends during our biological and musical growth. That put us at the same level as a DJ in New York, London or Madrid.

Regarding your question about whether to pursue further Ibizan Dj that superstars … of course it would be nice to be more supportive with the dj’s from Ibiza but unfortunately, many of us don’t have a big name behind to move large masses to the clubs and that’s what interests them: the figures and the final income. So the clubs use the superstars to attract thousands of people. It’s like a candy that is put into the mouths of clubbers who come to Ibiza to attract them to the dance floor.

When did you realize you wanted to devote to this?
The deejay born, he is not done. Since my childhood, I was attracted to music and vinyls… I had the opportunity to stand out and that allowed me to click on some of the best venues on the island until I got my residence in Space in 1999 and in 2008 in La Troya Ibiza.

How do you define your style? Where are evolving your sounds?
My style is very current with records that touch the House, Deep House and Tech House. However, I don’t like typecast. I try to capture the root of every musical movement, although the House is what has influenced me throughout my career and I identify with it 100%.

After so many years playing on the island. How do you see this season in Ibiza musically? Do you think it’s a change in the industry?
Musically Ibiza is always evolving and it’s here where they generate and teste many musical movements that are subsequently exported to the world. So I think there are changes in the industry every summer which allow clubbers to find different things each season.

This season we can listen you on the terrace of Amnesia La Troya every Wednesday. How is the audience of this party? What do they like to hear?
La Troya is one of the most emblematic festivals of the gay community for 20 years because it hasn’t lost its essence. It has allowed them to have a faithful and loyal audience receptive to the dance floor and enjoying sessions passing through the tech house, deep house or house.

What do you think has La Troya to remain a favorite party after almost 20 years of its creation by Brasilio de Oliveira?
The element of surprise, spontaneity and originality is one of the great things of La Troya. This allows us to do not slack off. People who visit us every Wednesday can have fun with us.

How is the public to Ibiza over other foreign cities?
The audience of Ibiza, in the background, is the same as other cities where we’re going with the World Tour. The big difference is that now this foreign audience is more uninhibited than in their hometowns. So the audience comes to Ibiza is fun, crazy and, in many cases, music experts as the clubbers are always abreast of the latest issues coming to market as the deejays.

What cities have you visited with the Tour?
I have played in many cities throughout my career that it’s almost impossible to remember all of them … but I’ve been in the booth of the most exclusive clubs across the world. From Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian and Valencia to New York, London, Berlin, Munich, Sao Paulo, Paris, Amsterdam, Turin, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Rio de Janeiro or Shangay. Currently, the 2014, with the World Tour of La Troya we have been in countless Italian cities as well as in France, England, Switzerland, Holland and Spain all winter.

Any project for this winter you can tell us? Are you working on new tracks?
This is secret and … I can’t reveal it because it wouldn’t be a surprise but I can say that will draw a track very soon (laughs).


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