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Sebastian Gamboa – Interview

Sebastian Gamboa DJAlways smiling and close to the public, Sebastian Gamboa has become one of the leaders of the House scene in Spain. His sessions are fresh and danceable fusing classics with new hits where the violin strings and vocal sounds join the electronic.

The artist began his career in 1990. Since then his music has become more charismatic and eclectic touring almost every dance floor on the island and coming to his current residence in the Global Room of Flower Power Party at Pacha and in Vintage, his successful 2011 adventure, every Friday in Lío Ibiza.

With a long career behind him, 13 albums released and 14 compilations and many musical awards. In 2008 he was nominated by Dj Mags Awards as “Best Production of the Year” for his song Muévelo, awarded “Best Ibiza DJ” in DJ Awards 2007, “Best Dj Souful & Deep House” in Dj Mags 2009 and “Best Ibiza Dj” in DJ Oners 2011. His latest conquest, a well-deserved recognition of “Las Tardes en Ibiza”, winner of the “Best Musical Compilation” in Muchoticket Awards 2014.

When you decided to be a disc jockey?
Many years ago, in 1990. Additionally, until 92 it was not clear at all. But, finally I choose that option and I’m so glad that I made this decision.

What do you do when you’re not working?
Especially being with my wife and friends. For my work, I spend many hours traveling alone, so when I have some free time I like to make up time and spend it with people who I want and try to make me laugh a little. Where or what is secondary, in good company it’s ok almost anywhere.

You were born in Buenos Aires but you has lived since 4 years old in Ibiza, so you’re a deejay wrought on this island. Do you think it has benefited you to grow up here by the musical connotation and which includes the name “Ibiza” or otherwise, it has been more difficult to build a music career by the number of deejays who try it every year?
Of course, It has benefited me, especially because thanks to grow here I learned everything I know about my work. In Ibiza, luckily since I was a child, there has been much musical movement that has shaped me as a person and of course as a DJ. Competition is good and it is what makes us try to improve.

In 2006 you shared booth with the recently deceased Frankie Knuckles in Pacha. What was this artist, considered the father of the House, for you? How do you remember him?
I’ve always liked the music he made and the elegance in its productions and in his sets, but I’ve had the good fortune to share the booth with him many times, and as a person was even more impressive. Above all, I learned that even someone as big as Frankie can and should always maintain humility and a good smile on his face, as we are dedicated to professions in which you have to always be very grateful to the public that comes to hear you because without them, this work would be meaningless.

In fact, you’ve always been very close to the public. What do you think about the image of deejays changing so much in recent years with artists who have a huge marketing and image department behind them and charge stratospheric numbers for each work session? Do you think this can actually damage the Ibiza deejays with less chance of promotion?
Not at all I think that these jobs are very different though from outside it looks the same and share the same name. The work of the new “Dj Super Star” can be summarized as that many people will hear their songs because they like that style. Instead, our work is always under his style, plays music and develops an impromptu session depending on the reaction of the track. Keeping this difference aside, I think the question is to find your site, style and dedicate yourself to it, no matter what others do. There are groups for everything and artists for each type of public. I have my style and I do not pretend to like everyone, I appreciate that some people simply decide to share part of their leisure time with me and my work. It is true that I’m lucky that more people follow my work and that makes me happy and makes me want to keep going.

This season we hear you as a resident of Pacha at the Main Room on Tuesdays, and in Vintage at Lío Ibiza. What clubbers will find about music and show here?
Tuesdays at Pacha with Angel Linde we offer an alternative to the Flower Power party, our offer is mostly House Music.
Friday is the party in which I roll a 100%, as it is the most important thing right now for me and the entire team who are part of this project. The Vintage Party attempt to summarize or collect everything we liked more than house music parties in the past 20 years, is a selection of items that we consider essential in a good party “Made in Ibiza”. This will apply in all respects; decoration, graphic image, clothing, entertainment, live shows and of course, the music we put.

Have you run or go over other cities with this party?
Yes, of course, we have also carried Vintage to Formentera, Cancun, Barcelona, Madrid, Moscow, Milan and soon begin to grow this list …

Plus you have a successful radio show called Vintage Radio Show which started in 2011 and still emitting weekly. What is the radio for you?
A window to the world. The truth is that I’ve always found it interesting that so many people from different situations can hear you even though you can’t see. Now with new technology is amazing that from anywhere in the world they can hear us and interact with us. It is a very rewarding experience and without the pressure of having to move the track, just in order to play music and listeners are a bit cheerful afternoon.

The compilation “Las Tardes en Ibiza by Sebastian Gamboa” is at the summer sales list year after year. And in 2014 it has been awarded “Best Musical Compilation” at Muchoticket Awards. How do you do?
The truth is I don’t know, I just make a selection that I like and so present. Apparently, we are very fortunate that lot of people like how is work and choose us each year and more and more. This has led us to, despite the general trend towards increasingly go digital, breaking records worldwide and through Ibizacdmusic.com, where you can buy the physical format, thing that we love and there is no better proof that we’re doing something right.

After all these years of work. How do you define your style? Where is evolving your music?
The truth is that during the 24 years I’ve been in this, I have always said and I thought I put House Music, but my friend and partner Tallyn says I am very Eclectic and this has made me think I may have partly right. My source is the House Music but I get influenced by many different styles and always when songs make me feel something and serve to convey the story I tell the audience through music.

Any plans for this winter that you anticipate us?
First, recover a little after summer job, but then follow with the winter tour, which always takes me to different countries of the world. Also, start the new “Las Tardes en Ibiza” and then plan the next summer. Here we never stop…

Sebastian Gamboa MuchoticketSebastian collecting the reward of Muchoticket Awards.



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